Hougang spirit in the air

Wong Yuntian

— May 8th, 2011, 8.19pm

Hougang spirit in the air

A Workers' Party (WP) supporter waves a "V" sign to fellow supporters at Hougang Stadium. Singapore's opposition made a historic breakthrough by winning 6 seats in the May 7 poll, their best performance in 20 years. Photos: Wong Yuntian

Our photographer Wong Yuntian was at Hougang stadium to capture the celebratory mood of Workers’ Party supporters yesterday night. They filled about three-quarters of the stadium and waited till nearly 3am for the final results. They did not wait in vain.

WP supporters wait nervously for the results to be announced. While originally scheduled at 10pm, the release of election results was delayed because of recounts in several closely-fought constituencies.

WP supporters wave blue party flags at the Hougang stadium. Founded in 1957, the party's traditional colour is blue because it wants to represent the blue-collar working class. In recent years, however, they begun to attract more academics and corporate talent.

Mainstream newspapers print out electoral battle maps for residents to refer to. Singapore's electoral districts change their names and boundaries frequently, leading to confusion among voters. The ruling party, People's Action Party (PAP), has said that changes reflect demographic changes, while the opposition accuses them of gerrymandering.

Technology has played a large role in Singapore's 2011 General Elections. Many people have used social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook to get the latest updates. In addition, Apple products such as iPhone and iPad are also used to capture special moments at the polls.

A rising star in the WP. Hougang candidate Yaw Shin Leong replaces his mentor Low Thia Khiang as MP for Hougang. Mr Low has led a team to contest in Aljunied GRC.

At 210am, the results for the 5-member constituency of Aljunied GRC were officially out. WP supporters went wild with joy when they learnt of this historic breakthrough. The WP won around 54% of the valid votes cast, defeating the incumbent PAP team.

WP candidates for Aljunied GRC greet their supporters after winning their seats. It was a sweet victory for Sylvia Lim, the WP chairman who has been walking on Aljunied grounds every week since the last election.

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  1. shouldn’t this be blue-COLLARED ? “Founded in 1957, the party’s traditional colour is blue because it wants to represent the blue-coloured working class. “

  2. Xue Jianyue


    May 19th, 2011 at 1.07am

    Hi ug3n,

    Thanks for pointing that out! We just changed it.