People’s power at Aljunied rally

Wong Yuntian

— May 6th, 2011, 2.16am

People’s power at Aljunied rally

An estimated crowd of 30,000 people attended the Workers' Party last rally yesterday night. Singapore goes to the polls on May 7 and eight days of rallies by various political parties have brought election fever all over Singapore. Photos: Wong Yuntian

One of the purest forms of democracy is not through the ballot box, but when people vote on their feet. On May 5th, Serangoon stadium was packed with enthusiastic supporters of the Workers’ Party, one of the oldest and more established parties in Singapore’s fragmented opposition politics. Our photographer Wong Yuntian captured special moments at WP’s Aljunied rallies on video and photo.

Photo moments

At 730pm on the May 5th rally, many policemen were already deployed to lead the crowd safely into the stadium.

Photographers at the 12th floor of a residential block near Serangoon stadium on the May 5th rally. They came across Singapore to shoot the spectacular turnout at WP rallies.

The WP's secretary-general, Mr Low Thia Khiang speaking at the May 4th rally in Ubi. The Nantah alumni served as the MP for Hougang for nearly 20 years. He took a leap of faith and led a team to contest in Aljunied GRC for the upcoming general elections.

A WP supporter claps at a rally in Ubi, another part of Aljunied, on May 4th.

On this May 4th rally, WP supporters created their own props and banners to support their candidates at the rally. Here, a banner reads: "Singaporeans got guts, but Aljunied residents have it even more."

Crowds simply walked to the MRT station because the buses were either too full, or simply stuck in the 'human' traffic jam.

On May 5th, the final day of hustings, the crowds at the WP rally were so huge that traffic flow had to be stopped by dozens of policemen on duty. The crowd spilled from the stadium and simply crossed the T-junction diagonally.

Crowd dispersing after Workers’ Party Final Rally

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