A fresh start

— September 10th, 2010, 5.42pm

In 2008, the Enquirer started with a bang. Created after NTU censored stories on Chee Soon Juan’s visit to the campus, it attracted over 2,000 readers in 3 weeks.

The founding team behind the Enquirer, Lin Junjie, Zakaria Zainal and Chong Zi Liang, worked without academic credits and pay, juggling school work and internships at the same time.

They had little to rely on, but NTU readers relied on them for more than they imagined. Within the Enquirer’s short active lifespan, our writers captivated NTU students with in-depth stories on a Ministerial Forum, the debate over the University’s name change, and interviews with politicians.

Sadly, the Enquirer could not escape the curse of student media – finding new blood. Unlike the working world, students move on quickly after graduation. Student committees barely last a year.

The Enquirer’s fade out after a promising start may have delighted its critics who predicted it wouldn’t last; but while the pioneers have moved on, the necessity for a free student voice has not.

This necessity means that the Enquirer will always have a place in NTU. The biggest concerns of ordinary students – transport, hall, academic issues – must be covered no matter how controversial they are.

As the NTU administration interacts with students to foster the best environment for learning and research, I believe an independent campus media is still valuable.

The Enquirer serves only one interest – the welfare of students and staff of NTU. We are not funded by the University, nor any student body.

When difficult situations arise, straining relations between the student body and administration, the Enquirer will serve as an independent press, providing honest journalism to bridge the gap.

In addition, the Enquirer will strive to bring journalism to new heights. To all media students, the revived website will be your platform to break into convergence reporting.

This new method of reporting strives to provide the most holistic coverage to you, our readers, by combining multiple media – writing, audio, video, and photography.

In the process of achieving our goals, the Enquirer face the same challenges as our pioneers had – lack of writers, funding, and time.

Furthermore, in our effort to sustain a free media, the new team will have to face any legal consequences alone, unlike recognised campus publications which have the support of their official publishers.

However, the new team has learnt from past mistakes and drawn inspiration from our pioneers’ tenacity. With a fresh start for the Enquirer, we pick up where our founders left off, and look forward to serving the NTU community.


Disclaimer: Comments left on articles in The Enquirer are contributions from readers and do not reflect the views of the editorial team. The Enquirer is not responsible for the comments and reserves the right to remove any comments deemed inflammatory or in bad taste.

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